Hi I’m Jen!

I’m the chief candle maker, photographer, fragrance guru, head order packer, IT Help Desk, marketer and cleaning crew behind Bush Blend Candle Co. 

I grew up on a farming property in regional Australia. My house was traditional weatherboard, lined with paper walls and an open fireplace in the kitchen. Most nights after school you’d find me sitting around the fire with a cup of tea in hand, watching the embers dancing their way above the flames. At the beginning of Bush Blend’s journey, my goal was to create distinctively fragrant candles which reflected the simplicity of those times and my adoration for the Australian bush. Soon after, Bush Blend Candle Co. was born.

Today, my candles are consciously crafted by hand in my studio in Canberra, with the hopes of someday adorning your coffee table, bath ledge, work space or mantelpiece. 

I have dedicated each fragrance to this incredible country and believe that supporting local is the only way to keep our economy rocking harder than AC/DC. For this reason, my candles contain ingredients sourced from Australian businesses only.

My wicks are unique because they’re made from a sustainable timber which crackle softly when they burn, like a fireplace. 

The ambience these candles throw is a total treat for your ears and olfactory so pour yourself a cuppa, light up your Bush Blend candle and enjoy the magic of my candles.