What are wooden wick candles?

Brace yourself, you are in for a unique sensory experience of sight, scent and sound. Not only do our candles smell and look great, our wicks are made from real wood, rather than cotton. The result of this, means that our wicks crackle subtly when they burn, much like an open fire.

The captivating acoustic ambience makes a great talking point on any mantelpiece!

Do you source your supplies from Australia?

You bet! Bush Blend Candle Co. is proudly local. We are 100% Australian owned and love supporting fellow Aussie businesses!

We source all of our supplies locally so by supporting Bush Blend Candle Co., you’re also supporting your community 🇦🇺

Are your candles environmentally friendly?

We’re outdoor enthusiasts and are passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle so we’re stoked you asked! 

We’ve selected wooden wicks that are made from 100% natural timber, environmentally sustainable and are ethically sourced from certified suppliers. Our soy wax is 100% pure, naturally biodegradable and non-GMO.

Our shipping packaging is all biodegradable (even the tape!), recyclable and 100% plastic free! We reuse shipping boxes and packaging material whenever possible. Bubble wrap and polystyrene peanuts contribute a considerable amount to landfill each year and are non-biodegradable, meaning they are difficult or impossible to decompose. We protect your products during shipping using an innovative and environmentally friendly kraft material alternate which is 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and is manufactured using SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified or recycled content!

Our candle jars and Tinnys are strategically hand picked with an intent to be repurposed or recycled after the final flame burns out. For ideas about how you can repurpose your candle container, visit our Three R’s page.

We’re working hard to continuously reduce our carbon footprint and operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner. Although, we’ve kept our answer as short as humanly possible, feel free to email us for more information about how we’re working to bring a more sustainable candle into your home!

Do you put any additives or other waxes into your soy wax?

No way! Many “soy” candles contain only a small percentage of soy wax, and the rest is palm oil or paraffin. Unlike many candle companies, we use 100% pure soy wax and refuse to add artificial extras such as dyes. Our fragrances do NOT contain phthalates or parabens.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our candles are tested on family and friends, not on animals!

Why are your candles named after places in Australia?

Our wooden wick candles are unique and characterful, much like the wide, brown land that inspired them. For this reason, our fragrances are all attributed to some of our favourite towns or regions in Australia. 

Hanging out for another trip up north? Or maybe down south? Since memory and smell are so closely linked, we’ll take your senses on an instant holiday! 

If you want your town or region featured on one of our candles, send us your suggestions to We would love to hear your thoughts!

What’s the difference between soy wax and paraffin wax?

Let’s get something straight – Paraffin wax is a waste by-product of fossil fuels. It is one of the most popular kinds of wax used in candle making as it is very efficient at releasing fragrance due to its molecular structure. It contains carcinogenic toxins that are dispersed into the air when burned, just like most other fuel products.

Soy wax is a 100% natural plant based wax derived from pure soy beans. Our soy wax is renewable, kosher-certified and non-GMO. Soy wax burns clean, clear, with no carcinogenic or toxic fumes emitted during burning. Burning soy wax candles will not discolour your walls or drapes the way paraffin can. Soy wax is also biodegradable, meaning it cleans easily and is safe to be returned back to the environment.

How should I store my candle?

Soy wax is sensitive to both temperature and light, so try to always store your candle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How long will my candle burn for?

Burn times are approximate and will vary depending on a number of factors such as the climate the candle is set in and burned in and whether there are any draughts during the burn. However, on average, our Tinnys offer a burn time of 20+ hours. Our small jars will burn for roughly 30+ hours and large jars will burn 60+ hours. Head on over to our Candle Care page to ensure you are burning your candle as efficiently as possible to maximise its burn time.

How do I trim the wick?

Very easily! You can trim the wick with either a pair of small scissors or a wick trimmer. Make sure the wax is cool before you trim the wick and remove any excess wick residue from the wax prior to relighting.

What’s the best way to light my wooden wick candle?

We recommend lighting your candle on a flat and even surface with a barbecue lighter or matches (where safe to use). Make sure your candle is upright when you light it because lighting your candle while it is tilted can result in melted wax smothering the wick and can cause burn issues.

Wooden wicks are very simple to light. We recommend holding the flame to the wick for at least 10 seconds when you first light your candle. We don’t use any accelerants on our wicks so it may take a couple of attempts in the beginning. But hang in there, it will light! The wick will be quicker and easier to get going with every subsequent burn. 

Do you use essential oils in your candles?

Our candles scented with Australian made fragrance oils and enriched with essential oils. Essential oils are not stable, do not throw scent well and do not blend well with wax. Therefore, we combine both fragrance oils and essential oils to get the best burn. None of our candle oils contain phthalates or parabens!

The surface of my candle has some imperfections, is it faulty?

Relaxxx! As we don’t use artificial additives or other waxes, our soy candles may release a small amount of excess oil during high temperature changes. This will not affect the quality or performance of the candle in any way and will usually disappear after the first burn. You can leave it or wipe it off with a tissue or paper towel prior to lighting.

Sometimes you may notice darker patches commonly known as ‘wet spots’ on the inside of your glass jar. This is not a fault of the candle. It is a extremely common characteristic of natural soy wax and the most common cause is fluctuating temperatures (between production, shipping and delivery). This does not affect the quality or performance of the candle in any way.

Are your candles vegan friendly?

Yes! Whilst we are not vegan certified, none of the ingredients used in our candles are animal derived.

Why is my candle smoking?

While smoking is rare during burning, it can happen for two reasons. The candle may be in a draught or the wick is too long. Move the candle out of the draught, extinguish the flame, let the candle cool down and trim the wick back to 5mm and remove any excess wick from the jar.

My candle is finished. What do I do now?

  1. Buy another of course!
  2. Wash out the container with soap and hot water and remove the wick tab. Be mindful not to scrub the glass or Tinny too hard because it may affect the finish. The labels should peel off relatively easy but if not just soak them in warm water. They will peel off fairly easily after a good soaking!
  3. Visit our Three R‘s page to get some creative ideas on re-purposing your container!

How do you calculate shipping?

We charge a flat rate of $10.95 for all Australian orders. We do not receive any portion of the shipping amounts. We offer free shipping on all orders over $150. Great excuse to buy in bulk, you’re saving money!

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Please send us an email at and we’ll find you a fast quote so you can get one of our unique candles into your hands as fast as humanly possible!

Do you do custom orders for weddings or events?

Yep sure do! We do custom candle orders for events such as weddings, Christmas gifts for staff or suppliers, corporate functions and parties. If you’d like to feature Bush Blend Candle Co. at your event or special day, please send us an email at or fill out an online form here. We would love to be part of your day!

Do you ever do giveaways or competitions?

We do competitions giveaways on our social media from time to time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@bushblendcandles) and on Facebook (Bush Blend Candle Co.) to ensure you are up-to-date on our giveaways and competitions as well as products and promotions.

Can I cancel my order?

An order can only be cancelled up to the point it is poured. We pride ourselves in dispatching orders promptly, so if you would like to cancel please contact us immediately by emailing

How do I make my soy candle last longer?

Visit our Candle Care page for some key tips on how to get the most out of your Bush Blend candle.