Repurpose, refill or Recycle

What are the three R’s you ask? The answer is simple. Repurpose, refill or recycle. We’re talking about your candle containers because tragically nothing lasts forever.

So why the three R’s? Well concern about the ecological footprint we leave is at the heart of our ethos. That’s why we have thoughtfully hand picked glassware which can be used and used again. Motto of the story, our glass is class!


The size and weight of glasses makes them very handy holders around the house. So after you have enjoyed your Bush Blend candle, enjoy these containers on us. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

We have put together a list of things you can put in the container once its been used to avoid ending up in landfill:

  • a plant or succulent
  • pens and pencils
  • lollies (who doesn’t have a stash somewhere?)
  • decorative rocks
  • cold beverages 
  • biodegradable cotton buds
  • hair ties
  • bobby pins
  • teabags
  • makeup brushes
  • toothbrushes
  • essential oils bottles
  • cool cocktail glass
  • kitchen utensils
  • flowers
  • dog treats
  • the list goes on!

We get a kick out of seeing new life breathed into our containers and how creative you can be. Tag us in pictures of your repurposed containers on social media or email them to We would love to see them and may even share them on our social media pages.


So you’ve ordered a few candles and your used jars are stacking up? Here at Bush Blend Candle Co. we want to do out bit for the planet. For this reason, we have created a credit program especially designed to help out Mother Nature and give you the credit in return…Winning!

Simply gather your Bush Blend candle jars (and their lids) and send them back to us or return them to us in person at our next market location and we’ll give you a store credit of $4 that can be used on your next purchase. Note: Store credits can be put towards jars only (not Tinnys). Only one store credit per jar – for example, if you have 4 credits and buy 4 jars, you save $16!

All returned jars and lids must be undamaged (no cracks, scratches or chips) and in good condition. Don’t worry about washing the jars out, we can do that for you! All jars will be thoroughly cleaned and polished before they can be re-poured.

Sorry this offer does not apply to Tinnys. Sadly, the finish on the Tinnys can be affected when washing and scrubbing out the wax, meaning it does not look brand new. BUT the good news is that they are made of aluminum so they can be recycled or repurposed!


If you find yourself unsure how you can repurpose your used candle jar and don’t want to send it back to us, then it can be recycled.

Let’s work together to give Mother Nature a helping hand and keep our jars out of landfill. So when you finish your Bush Blend candle, remember our three R’s and repurpose, refill or recycle!